WWE Bets On Future Of Legalized Gambling On High-Profile Matches

Anything can happen in the world of WWE and soon, you may be able to bet on what you think will. According to a new report from CNBC, WWE is in talks with state gambling regulators from Colorado and Michigan regarding the possibility of legalizing bets on high-profile matches.

How would one go about protecting a scripted sport’s results from getting out and wilding affecting odds? Well, WWE is said to be working with the accounting firm EY, Ernst & Young, to ensure results do not get leaked in an effort to sway regulators. EY is known for securing the results for the Academy Awards and Emmys to make sure none of the winners are leaked before being announced on-stage. Some states already allow gambling on the Academy Awards but Colorado, which WWE is seeking approval from, does not. CNBC’s report noted that they spoke with the Colorado Division of Gaming and were told that they are not currently considering and have not considered allowing sports betting wagers on WWE matches.

Even if it is decided that WWE can legally be gambled on, it will still be up to the betting sites to decide if they are willing to place odds. According to the report, WWE executives are toying with the idea of securely locking up results for big matches months in advance. The wrestlers would not know if they are going to win or lose matches until shortly before the matches take place. Of course, it’s hard not to think about how injuries or backstage politics could sway the direction of matches planned several months out.

On a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that the plan was to tell the wrestlers the results once the bets have closed on their matches. He also noted that this news came as a surprise to many people within the company, with some rolling their eyes at the idea.