Sammy Guevara Breaks Silence Following Rumored AEW Suspension

Earlier this month, it was reported that Sammy Guevara had been served with a suspension from AEW, his second in his five-year stint with the company. The reason behind the move stems from his match against Jeff Hardy on the February 16th edition of AEW Rampage in which Hardy was suspected to have suffered a concussion. Guevara was accused of not following concussion protocol by continuing the match for a short period on top of hitting his finisher, consisting of a knee strike to the head, which led the AEW suspension committee to punish him.

Despite disappearing from programming after his match on the February 24th edition of AEW Collision, Guevara has remained active on social media but has not addressed his TV absence nor his reported AEW suspension. Now, almost a month later, the 30-year-old has finally broken silence on the matter.

At the end of his latest YouTube vlog, Guevara thanked his subscribers for watching the video before seemingly addressing his suspension in a lengthy written statement – admitting that he has made mistakes but is trying to be a better person.

“To the people who support me whether it be from the beginning or in the middle or maybe this is your first video you’ve watched of mine,” Guevara wrote. “I just want to say thank you. I understand that I am a person who has made mistakes but I am also a person who has tried to be better. ‘Roll with the punches’ is a saying that I truly understand now at 30 years old. Life will throw a lot at you. But it’s how you deal with those adversities that make you who you are. I know who I am and I know what I’m going after. See you at the top.”

Guevara was previously suspended from AEW in the summer of 2020 after a podcast from 2016 resurfaced in which he joked about his desire to sexually assault then-WWE star Sasha Banks. Guevara returned to the company a month later after undergoing sensitivity training on top of apologising to Banks directly.