Jim Ross Gives Big Update On The Future Of His Announcing Career

Following a lengthy absence from programming after undergoing an unknown surgical procedure, Jim Ross returned to AEW to provide commentary for the final two matches of AEW Revolution earlier this month. Days after his appearance at the pay-per-view, Ross announced that he had re-signed with the promotion for an additional year after reportedly agreeing to a short-term extension late last year when his old contract expired.

During the latest edition of his Grilling JR podcast, Ross was asked by a fan if his re-signing with AEW for only a year meant that his new contractual year with the company would be the last of his legendary announcing career – an idea that Ross was quick to agree with.

“I think so. It’s realistic to think that way,” Ross admitted. “You know, I’m 72 years old. I feel good, I’m getting healthier every day which is great. But I can think realistically this could be my last year, and more than likely will. That’s to be determined. That’s between me, my health, and Tony Khan seeing how much to utilize me. Right now, it’s a good plan because I’m essentially working, as I understand it, pay-per-views only. So that’s where you’ll find me once a month, working these pay-per-views as the plan goes as we speak. We all know that in pro wrestling things change on the fly and things could be different, but I don’t think so on this occasion and that’s fine with me.”

Later, Ross revealed that his new AEW contract will see him work with the promotion in a reduced capacity going forward. Despite working less, however, he admitted he’s happy with the move as it fits best with Tony Khan’s vision of how to utilize him within the promotion.

“I get to go to the big shows, call big matches on the big shows. I was not expecting to call two matches at Sting’s retirement. I’m glad that I did, the extra match that they had me call was outstanding,” Ross later added. “Tony Khan’s got a good feel for what he likes for me to do and my skill set. So right now, my situation is I’m going to be married to the pay-per-views which is good. Maybe I’ll help the buy rates a little bit. Storytelling will be able to sound different, be different. We’ll see how that works out.”

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