Billie Starkz Says Tony Khan Loves Everything She’s Doing – Exclusive

She may only be months away from graduating high school, but eighteen-year-old Billie Starkz is already making big moves in the world of professional wrestling. The current Black Label Pro Champion, along with the other three titles she currently holds on the independents, has also racked up a handful of AEW Dark matches and will be in a marquee bout against BC33A at MLW War Chamber in NYC on April 6 – a lot to handle while you are also trying to make sure your homework is done on time.

In an exclusive interview for Haus Of Wrestling, Starkz gave some insight into her AEW Dark matches from the end of 2022. She noted that she had reached out to AEW before she turned eighteen to let them know she exists, to which the promotion responded, “Oh, we know you exist, you just can’t work here until you turn eighteen.”

Starkz’s situation with AEW, is similar to seventeen-year-old pro wrestling sensation, Nick Wayne. Wayne has also made a name for himself on the independents and AEW has gone so far as to lock him down to a contract. However, Wayne has gone on record as saying he cannot start wrestling for the promotion until he turns eighteen. Starkz quipped that Wayne tells her “all time” that, “while you’re older than me, we’re on the same path.” It’s worth noting that Starkz is only older than Wayne by ten months.

In regards to her experience at the AEW Dark tapings, Starkz noted that she felt “very comfortable” and was very excited to wrestle people she had never wrestled before. “I honestly had an amazing time wrestling Britt (Baker),” she noted. “She was super easy to work with, and honestly, one of my favorite matches I’ve gotten to do at AEW. I also loved my match with Emi.”

Like many independent talents acclimating to working for television, Starkz was quick to note that the AEW talents were great at helping her learn to play to the cameras and structure her matches. She also laughed about how she told the talents she was working with to go, “as hard as we can, let’s do everything in this match,” to which the more seasoned talent told her, “Okay, let’s space this out so we can do more in the future.”

Starkz confirmed that she has had “a few” conversations with Tony Khan but wanted to clarify that when they do talk, “he’s always running around trying to get stuff done. So, I don’t think we’ve had a proper conversation yet. But it’s always been a ‘High five! I love everything you’re doing!’ and then he runs away.”

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