Vince McMahon Reimburses WWE $17.4 Million For Investigation

Sometimes it pays to be a billionaire and other days, the billionaire pays. According to Variety, Vince McMahon has reimbursed WWE $17.4 million for fees incurred during an internal investigation into sexual misconduct allegations.

According to the report, under the agreement with the company on March 23, 2023, McMahon agreed to pay $17.4 million, based on an SEC filing from today. The filing states that the funds are, “for the costs that have been incurred and paid by the company and/or its subsidiaries, through January 31, 2023, in connection with and/or arising from the investigation conducted by a special committee of the company’s board of directors,” as well any relevant revisions to the company’s financial statements or other related matters, according to a representative from WWE.

Additionally, it was noted that McMahon promised to pay back WWE, “for additional costs incurred by the company and/or its subsidiaries,” after Jan. 31. The agreement also includes a “release of the company by Mr. McMahon regarding the investigation and related matters described above.”

McMahon took several months off WWE TV following a myriad of allegations. Recently, McMahon has tried to find his way back into the fold as he recently settled with former WWE referee Rita Charlton, who had accused him of rape. Shortly after the settlement, McMahon reportedly showed up backstage for Raw XXX and sat in the Gorilla position. At the time, it was said that McMahon was just there to say hello to his friend, John Cena, but many have speculated McMahon’s role has continued to grow.

This latest report from Variety, as well as a WWE rep commenting on the matter, seems to indicate that McMahon may be trying to get ahead of the story. Whether having this information out there helps or hurts him, only time will tell.

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