Zelina Vega Asked To Choose: Legado Del Fantasma Or House Of Black – Exclusive

When Legado del Fantasma leaped the WWE main roster, one of their members was swapped out. Their former female charge, Elektra Lopez, was dropped from the act in favor of a more tenured WWE Latina star, Zelina Vega. While many talents would take being dropped last moment as a slight, Jaoquin Wilde was candid with Haus of Wrestling earlier today at the WWE WrestleMania 39 day one media row about how Lopez handled the situation.

“It’s just part of the game, wrestling is an unpredictable, unforgiving business sometimes,” he began. “Things are going to happen, things that you don’t plan for, things that you can’t imagine. But, she handled that situation, Elektra, like a professional, and I think that is going to pay off for her in the end.”

With Lopez back in WWE NXT 2.0 and Vega firmly engrained as part of Legado del Fantasma, the current reigning Queen of the Ring sees a lot of opportunity for the faction. With that in mind, we asked Vega about a potential inter-promotional WWE vs AEW bout featuring Legado del Fantasma taking on her husband, Malakai Black, and his stable, The House of Black. If that match were to take place, who does she think would come out on top?

“Maybe that doesn’t happen,” Vega began. “Unfortunately for anybody else, if it’s all of us against anyone, I don’t think that is a good look for anyone else.”

“Let me just say something else,” Santos Escobar interjected. “Zelina, she is a leader but most importantly, she is a true professional. Familia or not Familia, that is why we have the perfect enterprise here, she is the best and we are the best and together, there is very little we can’t do.”

“Also, just to remind you,” Vega said, taking control back of the conversation. “It’s not like that hasn’t happened before. You remember that quite easily, don’t you? I’ve been against and with my husband many times. So, either way, this is what matters right now, this right here (points to Legado).”

Haus of Wrestling’s full interview with Legado del Fantasma is now available on Premier Streaming Network.

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