Sherilyn Guerrero Claims Stepfather Sexually Assaulted Her

Earlier tonight, Sherilyn Guerrero, the daughter of Vickie and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, released a video on Tik Tok alleging her mother’s current husband sexually assaulted her on a family cruise in 2020. Haus of Wrestling has spoken with a source familiar with the matter and is able to credibly verify Sherilyn’s claims.

The youngest daughter of Vickie and Eddie began by discussing a family cruise she was on shortly before the pandemic began. She alleges in the video both herself and an unnamed party were assaulted by her stepfather on the cruise. She was emotional while explaining her decision to remain quiet for the sake of her mother and family.

“I basically just became mute,” she stated. “I feel very numb.”

“On this cruise, I got sexually assaulted,” she began. “And the unfortunate part is that it was by my stepdad.”

“I have protected them for so long that I feel no one is protecting me, and I need to start protecting myself,” she said. “Seeing my mom being okay abandoning me … It’s been two years, almost going on three. I’ve been blocked, I can’t even call my mom … And it’s been f-cking hard”

“My sister felt like she didn’t want to be in the middle,” she continues. “I’m okay with whatever happens because you chose what you had to do and I’m choosing what I’ve had to do and what I have been choosing hasn’t really been working out for me. Protecting everybody else except for myself is not working out for me.”

In regards to accusations from the public about separating herself from her mother, she replies tearfully “I really haven’t because I reach out to her all the time”

“I’m just putting this to rest. It is what it is,” she said with confidence in her voice. “I know my family has a lot of healing to do.”

“I miss them and I love them and I wish that we could talk and I hope one day we do”

Due to what she says transpired, she decided to move out of the home she shared with her mother and stepdad in September 2020.

Recalling a conversation with her mother in 2021, she says Vickie tried to excuse his behavior as “a mistake,” and that, “it’s not who he is.” Now Sherilyn says her mother, “doesn’t want anything to do with me if I can’t respect her relationship.”

Sherilyn closes the video by talking broadly about her decision to share this story, “I know she’s going through a weird situation right now … Please respect my journey and this video, and it is not to bring like anything to them, unfortunately, it’s just facts.”


I have waited so long and tried my hardest to put it all behind me but its time i start MY healing journey. Im done being silent, its not helping my mental health. I could never fit this into 3 minutes anyways so i feel the fact im allowed 10 minutes, well its the best way i can sum up everything. Please respect my family & i want nothing but love for them…. I am done being silent though while they go on not worried about me, its time i worry about myself ❤️

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