Grayson Waller Denies He’s Bray Wyatt’s Mercy The Buzzard – Exclusive

Bray Wyatt made his triumphant return to WWE last October at Extreme Rules. For weeks leading up to the big reveal, fans were treated to a series of “white rabbit” teases that saw the classic Jefferson Airplane song play during commercial breaks and live events. When it came time for the white rabbit clues to come to a head, an ominous doorframe appeared in the WWE entranceway.

As smoke poured out around the doorframe, a slow and methodical version of “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” pounded out of the sound system in the arena. Slowly, the camera panned to different spots in the crowd where Wyatt’s puppets had come to life and spotlighted one at a time. There was Huskus the Pig, Rambling Rabbit, Abby the Witch, The Fiend, and Mercy The Buzzard.

The latter of the puppets-come-to-life caught the attention of many as their frame and clothing aesthetic seemed very close to rising WWE NXT star, Grayson Waller. At the time, rumors were swirling that Wyatt could be leading a stable soon called “The Wyatt 6,” and the thought of wrestlers helping to bring the Firefly Funhouse crew to life was enticing. Waller was already at a level where fans thought he could hang on the main roster, and the young star working with Wyatt made sense. While the stable has yet to manifest, Mercy did make one more appearance in human form at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, overseeing Uncle Howdy as he lept from a platform onto LA Knight.

During WWE WrestleMania 39 media row, I spoke with Waller for a Haus of Wrestling exclusive about the rumors he was the one behind the Mercy The Buzzard mask. The full interview is available on Premier Streaming Network and all of its social media platforms.

“So, what I’ll say is, the term journalist gets thrown around too easily in professional wrestling,” he began. “People can just go on and say things. So, Mercy the Buzzard wore a Hawaiian shirt so, apparently, Grayson Waller was there. Wrestling journalists are idiots. Like, complete idiots. They’ll just say whatever it takes. You’re going to put Grayson Waller as a buzzard?

“Have a look at me, lad. I am very handsome. I am even better looking next to you. You’re a two and I’m a ten. Imagine putting me under some buzzard mask? I’m gonna walk around all creepy, lad? I can’t talk no more? False. Any other questions? HAUS OF WRESTLING! Pay attention.”

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