Jeff Hardy Could Return To AEW In Six To Eight Weeks

Jeff Hardy has been away from AEW TV for the last nine months following his latest DUI arrest. Following the arrest, AEW President Tony Khan released a statement noting that Jeff had been suspended without pay and would only be allowed to return to the promotion “upon successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety.”

Jeff’s brother, Matt Hardy, gave an update on Jeff’s recovery in a video shared by Isiah Kassidy and seemed to confirm the embattled tag team star has been following through on his pledge to get himself well.

“He’s doing real good, man,” Matt told Kassidy. “I’m so proud of him, every time people ask about me I’m always flattered because it is so cool they still care, you know? And that they are thinking about him. He’s in so many peoples’ hearts, he’s so beloved. He’s doing good, he’s been taking care of himself for nine months, and it’s probably the hardest he’s ever worked on himself. You know what I mean? So, his family is over the moon, his wife is tickled with him. The kids, it’s just like a new guy. You know? Even my wife says it, Reby, and she’s the realest of the real.”

“She’s tough, she’s from New York, not too far from here,” Kassidy responded.

“Jeff just had some eye surgery,” Matt continued. “His eyes were a little offset, it’s probably from wear and tear, beating his body up. They had to work on some ligaments and tendons in one of his eyes. So, they correct that with surgery and said in probably five or six weeks he should be okay. I am hoping after that, now that he is kind of putting this whole situation behind him, that we’ll see him back around soon. I’m hoping soon. You guys keep your fingers crossed, maybe six to eight weeks from now, hopefully, we can see some Jeff Hardy on AEW again.”

Hardy effectively put his legal problems behind him in February, according to TMZ Sports. The Wrestling Observer also confirmed the news and noted that Jeff’s license would be suspended for ten years on top of a 38-day jail sentence, which he did not serve after being credited for time already spent in county jail. The case was closed after Jeff submitted a written plea of nolo contendere to all charges. This means he pled guilty to the charges but did not accept or deny responsibility for what he was charged with.

If Jeff does return to AEW he will not be the first big star to do so after spending time in rehab. Jon Moxley also left AEW TV last year, voluntarily, to enter rehab for his alcohol addiction. Moxley has since returned to TV and is doing some of his best work. He did note in an interview with his wife, Renee Paquette, that his AEW contract was extended to compensate for the time he missed from the ring while in rehab. While not confirmed, it is possible the same would be done to Jeff’s contract if he does come back.

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