Konnan Believes Dominik Mysterio Is A Better Heel Than MJF – Exclusive

This past Friday night on Smackdown, Dominik Mysterio attempted to address the audience only to receive some of the loudest boos of any WWE star, outside of Roman Reigns, in recent memory. The hatred from the audience was palpable and noted by many on social media.

In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview, the man who inducted Rey into the WWE Hall of Fame, Konnan, addressed the heat Dominik Mysterio is getting, in particular during that post-Mania 39 Smackdown promo.

“Is he getting more heat than anyone else in WWE right now?” I asked. “Can anybody touch him when it comes to being a heel at the moment?”

“I don’t think so,” Konnan responded. “They wouldn’t even let him talk, it was incredible.”

Following that reaction on Smackdown came some discourse online about whether the son of Rey Mysterio is getting more heat than anyone in all of pro wrestling, including AEW’s top heel, MJF. The former LWO frontman decided to enter the conversation and weigh in on the debate.

“The thing is, he (Dominik) might be a better heel for this one reason,” Konnan began. “People like MJF. People don’t like Dom. So, he is a heel because, you know, he (MJF) went out in Long Island and he was trying to get over and I don’t think Dom would ever do that if he went to San Diego.”

Intrigued by his response, I asked Konnan whether or not MJF should change the way he presents himself.

“Yes, I think he should just be a straight-up heel and just get heat” he stated. “But, he’s so good and he’s so likable, he’s like Ric Flair. It was hard to really hate Ric Flair because he was so awesome. So, he’s kind of in that, and, of course, he’s catered, some of it is his own fault for catering to the fans sometimes but he’s kind of likable and hatable at the same time. So, he’s kind of in a hybrid situation whereas Dom is just a straight heel that nobody likes.”

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