Becky Lynch Removes WWE From Socials And Won’t Be At Raw

Just when you think you’ve got all the answers, the questions get changed. In this case, who could be the center of backstage intrigue at WWE today? Following the removal of all WWE references from his Twitter profile, and turning his profile and header images black, Drew McIntyre has fans speculating all is not well between the Scottish star and WWE. Now, it appears Becky Lynch has fans buzzing about her relationship with the company.

“I won’t be coming to Raw today,” The Man tweeted out, along with removing all references to WWE from her Twitter profile. She has done the same on her Instagram page, with an email available to connect for business inquiries. Haus of Wrestling has reached out to that email address, as well as WWE PR, for clarity on the situation and has yet to receive responses.

Lynch putting separation between herself and WWE comes at an interesting time. It was just this past Friday that former WWE creative team member Freddie Prinze Jr. recalled his recent attendance at a Raw and the perceived meltdown Seth Rollins had after a segment he was involved in cut to a commercial. According to Prinze Jr., Rollins yelled at a production assistant not over anything they had done, but out of his frustration at the moment.

That Raw was the first after WWE WrestleMania 39, and was also the same day news broke of Endeavor acquiring the company. Along with Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE came renewed power for Vince McMahon, who was said to be sitting in the Gorilla position for that show, making multiple last-minute changes to the script. His presence was said to be a blow to locker room morale, with at least two talents looking to get out of their contracts.

It is possible that this perceived controversy could be some kind of elaborate work to build interest around tonight’s Raw. Last week, Trish Stratus turned on Lynch and a feud between the two looked to be taking shape, possibly culminating at WWE Backlash. If Lynch is not at Raw tonight, it will certainly be difficult to continue that angle, although it is possible Stratus could address Lynch’s absence if she is not there.

Stay with Haus of Wrestling for all the latest regarding Becky Lynch’s WWE status.