Joey Janela Makes Rocky Films Offer To CM Punk – Exclusive

CM Punk may be trying to make amends with people at the moment, but one person who does not seem willing to bury the hatchet is GCW star, Joey Janela. While the two men don’t have much, if any history, to speak of, once Punk made it known in his controversial, and deleted, Instagram post about working with Jon Moxley that he had never seen any of the Rocky franchise films, this was enough to infuriate The Bad Boy.

Ever since Janela has taken to social media on more than one occasion to let it be known that Punk will not be allowed in the GCW locker room until he has seen the films. In one of his tweets, it appeared that Janela had reached out to Punk by direct message about watching the films and, in a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview, revealed whether Punk had gotten back to him yet.

“No, he hasn’t gotten back to me,” he said. “I sent him a message on Instagram. I don’t know if he’s seen it, but, I,100% at the upcoming shows, especially the Chicago dates, I will have security enforcement there, man. I’m gonna have, especially, I have posters getting made right now to put up in the locker room.

“You know, ‘If you see this, if you see this face, if you see this guy with the, with the Pepsi tattoo on his arm, Don’t let him in the door. And if he gets in, get him the f-ck out.’ I don’t play bullsh-t. You gotta be some kind of, you gotta, you gotta be some kind of, uh, special person not to see the f-cking Rocky movies.”

Despite the seemingly unreasonable animosity over Punk’s lack of exposure to the Sylvester Stallone franchise, Janela considers himself a reasonable man with a plan to help The Second City Saint consume all the films.

“You know, he’s a multimillionaire, former, many-time world champion and he can’t spend two days and watch every Rocky movie?” he posited. “I will let him in GCW. He needs to have proof. I have a friend who owns a movie theater in Chicago. I will work out a deal where he has to watch every Rocky movie, including the Creed movies, and including the sixth Rocky movie that no one remembers.”

Time will tell if Punk takes Janela up on his offer to rent out an entire theater for two days to watch all the films. However, with the way Punk is seemingly doing whatever he wants, we don’t take it off the table.

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