Update On How Long Charlotte Flair Will Be Off WWE TV

Charlotte Flair is arguably one of the greatest female pro wrestlers of all time, and her run doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Despite time off for injuries, The Queen has always been driven, like her father, to stay on the road and battle for her place in the main event picture. Her relentlessness has certainly paid off as she has notched sixteen women’s title reigns ON her belt, seven for Smackdown, six for Raw, two for NXT, and one with the Divas Championship.

At the moment, Flair is off the road and speculation has run rampant about why that may be. Today, she finally touched on her absence in an interview with Boardroom.

“For me, I went from having never any off-days to getting injured last year after WrestleMania and being off for seven months, and then now off again for a couple weeks for something that I needed to take care of, so it’s a blessing and a curse,” she explained. “Like, no one wants to be injured, but having that first time off for that extended amount of time, I think was definitely healthy for my mindset.”

It is certainly good news that whatever is keeping Flair out of the ring will only take “a couple weeks” to recover from. Last month, Flair lost her WWE Smackdown Championship to The Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley before disappearing from television. However, it doesn’t appear a rematch between the two is in the cards any time soon as both were drafted to different brands this past week. Which is unfortunate considering the in-ring chemistry the two have together.

“As a viewer, you will forget the gender as you’re watching us,” Flair said reflecting on her WrestleMania title match against Ripley. “Not just a good match; it needs to be one of the best matches of the weekend, so I knew that I could do that with Rhea. I had that confidence going out there.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, she spoke about her Hollywood ambitions, like that of Mercedes Mone, and what brands she would like to work with in the future. Spoiler, one of them is Rolex, a brand name that the Flair family has been dropping for years.

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