Darby Allin Announces Plan To Climb Mount Everest In 2024

Darby Allin shows no fear in the ring, notoriously dropping back first from the top turnbuckle, or higher, to deliver his Coffin Drop finisher on opponents. Outside of the ring, Allin shows an equal amount of reckless abandon in his spare time. When not spraying himself, and others, with bear mace or blowing up cars on his property, Sting’s good friend can be seen occasionally as part of Nitro Circus. A traveling carnival that mixes Jackass-style stunts, with explosions, and a variety of wheeled vehicles.

Allin is now planning for his next over-the-top experience, as he tells TMZ Sports that he is going to trek to the top of the world.

“The thing I’m going to be doing next year that no wrestler’s done before is climb Mount Everest,” the AEW star said. “You heard it here first.”

The young wrestler explained that his whole MO since joining AEW has been to push his boundaries further than anyone else on the roster. He credited X Games legend, and professional stuntman, Travis Pastrana as someone who has inspired him to take the big risks he has. In Allin’s words, he wants to “Do stuff that no wrestler’s ever done before.”

Having delivered a tricycle backflip, and flown a car more than 90 feet over his own house, Allin would seem to have the confidence to attempt anything, including the monumental climb. It will not be easy, of course, as the legendary mountain stands at a little more than 29,000 feet above sea level. Getting to the summit requires weeks, if not months, of travel in extremely harsh travel conditions, and oxygen tanks are required as you get closer to the top.

If Allin does make the successful climb, he may do so as AEW World Champion. Currently, Allin is set to take on Jack Perry, Sammy Guevara, and current AEW Champion MJF in a “Four Pillars” Fatal 4-Way match at AEW Double or Nothing. Allin won entry into the big main event this past Wednesday on Dynamite when he and Perry were successful in defeating Guevara and MJF in a tag team match.

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