Dax Harwood Reveals Why He’s ‘Forever Indebted’ To CM Punk

Dax Harwood has not been shy about his friendship with CM Punk, even as tensions appear to be running high backstage between The Second City Saint and The Elite. Harwood’s outspokenness on his former FTR podcast about wanting to work with Punk, and The Elite for that matter, caused him to get heat with some in the locker room, something he noted on his final episode.

For those unaware, in the wake of the controversial headlines consistently being generated coming out of his show, he and co-host Matt Koon decided to end it last month. However, that does not mean the AEW World Tag Team Champion will be remaining quiet in regard to his CMFTR brethren. In an interview with Monopoly Events, the mustached AEW star was asked to reveal what the best piece of advice Punk has given him is.

“He is one of my best friends in the business,” Harwood began. “He hasn’t given me any specific advice but I’ve been pretty forward about my anxiety issues, and, you know, my anxiety issues stem from sleeping. So going to work was really difficult for me because I didn’t have my wife who was my support system. I didn’t have her on the road with me. Right? And not that Punk helped me the way my wife does, if you know what I’m saying. Maria, sorry about that girl, hope you are not listening.

“But she was my support system and she was my comfort, right? And so going on the road was really difficult for me because I was worried about sleep, and I was worried about, my mind would just wander. Punk would say, ‘Hey, come to my room. Let’s watch wrestling, let’s hang out.’ And he just helped me acclimate my brain back to being on the road with my anxiety issues. So, I can say I’m forever indebted to him for that.”

Here’s to hoping Harwood’s comments about Punk helping him get some sleep don’t catch him any heat backstage!

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