Edge Emotionally Reveals How He Wants His WWE Story To End

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has seemingly done it all in the world of pro wrestling. He has been in the main event of WrestleMania, was the inaugural Money In The Bank winner, won the Royal Rumble twice, held the title of King of The Ring, and captured virtually every title WWE has ever had. So, as The Rated R Superstar stares down the waning days of his career, he has begun to focus on what he really has left to accomplish.

In an emotional video released on Twitter, Edge laid out the importance of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity, beginning tomorrow night on Smackdown.

“Hey, everybody,” he began. “So this isn’t some kind of mapped-out wrestling promo or anything. I’m sitting in, what is my second home, a wrestling ring, trying to get into some reps before Smackdown tomorrow night where I face Ray Mysterio and AJ Styles. And I can’t say enough about those guys, I know AJ and I have had our differences in the past. And you know, the history of me and Rey Rey. Those two guys are the reason a lot of people are in our industry. And I expect to have one hell of a match.

“I also expect to win it, I have to. You know, some people have been running around saying that they’re going to finish their stories, right? And good for them. But it made me think a little bit about my story, the introduction of the WWE Heavyweight Championship. If I look at that thing, it even looks like the title that I never lost, looks like Big Gold. Twelve years ago, I was forced to give the thing up. Never had a chance to get it back. Now, I have a chance, and it all comes full circle.

“Now, this ride, it’s going to end sooner than later. Let’s face it, we all know that. I gotta get this done. If it’s the last thing to do, it’s the last, it’s the period on the end of the sentence, right? It’s the last sentence in the book. I gotta get that stuff out of the basement, and I just got to do it. You know, all of you that are watching this, I assume you’ve been with me on this ride. And I really appreciate it.

“It’s going to end soon, and I gotta end it right this time. There’s no better way to finish it than to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Then, when I lose it, that’s it. I’m done. So, Rey, AJ, bring your best tomorrow, I know you will. Can’t wait see in there, to be honest. Let’s tear it up.”

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