Heels Season Two Gets Release Date; CM Punk Set To Return

The Duffy Wrestling League ring hasn’t been seen on Starz since October 2021 when Heels aired its season one finale episode. For fans of more dramatic-styled pro wrestling sitcoms, like Netflix’s GLOW, the series hit all the right notes and left viewers wanting more. After more than a year of waiting, Entertainment Weekly has revealed that the series will return on Friday, July 28, at 10 p.m.

There was a noticeably lengthy amount of time between the season one finale and the announcement of season two hitting the airwaves. Series’ star, Stephen Amell, has openly spoken in the past about how the second installment was ready to go but there were holdups at Starz preventing it from immediately hitting the airwaves. Heels showrunner and co-star, Mike O’Malley, addressed the long wait for the new season.

“We completed production on July 1st of last year,” he said. “Then we had an extensive post-production period because we had some visual effects. One of the things I love about Starz is how much time and thought they put into everything. We finished post-production in January. There was no issue in terms of the creative.

“I think there are attending issues with Lionsgate and Starz, who are both in business on this [show], and they’re separating from one another. We didn’t do any rewriting. We didn’t do any reshooting. Starz, they like to launch one or two shows a quarter, and they decided that summertime is the best for this show. There was nothing nefarious, nobody got injured.”

One of the highlights of season one for pro wrestling fans was the performance of Phil Brooks, aka CM Punk, as Ricky Rabies. Rabies, the journeyman wrestler from the south, appears in two episodes of the show. Accompanied by his wife, and son, he uses unique offenses and weapons like a blood-spitting possum drone.

While many fans have wondered if Punk will be included in the second season, especially with him going dark following All Out, Amell assured fans in an interview with TV Line, that “we definitely have CM Punk more involved” in season two.