Bray Wyatt And Another Star Reportedly Still With WWE

Update: PWInsider is reporting that Bray Wyatt is not listed internally, in any fashion, on the WWE roster.

Much like the lights during his entrance, things have gone dark regarding Bray Wyatt and his WWE future as of late. Following a critically panned Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match against LA Knight at the Royal Rumble in January, The Eater of Worlds looked poised to start a feud with Bobby Lashley. Lashley had been feuding with Brock Lesnar around the same time, but that program was derailed when Wyatt began taunting the former Hurt Business frontman with his signature “Muscle Man” dance routine.

Following the disastrous Pitch Black at the Royal Rumble, the lack of excitement around the Wyatt and Lashley feud had many fans wondering if there was some kind of creative fallout between the star and WWE. It is worth noting that Wyatt and Vince McMahon notoriously had a love-and-hate relationship, with the former Creole cult leader reportedly exiting the company previously, in part, due to creative frustrations with McMahon. Once Paul Levesque took control of creative, it wasn’t long after that the White Rabbit teases began and the door to the Firefly Funhouse reopened.

Fightful is reporting that, despite speculation about Wyatt’s status, he, along with Uncle Howdy, played by his brother and former WWE star, Bo Dallas, is still signed with the promotion. Speculation around both men’s statuses heightened earlier this month when neither was included as part of the WWE Draft. However, it appears that Wyatt was not included in the Draft pool because he is out dealing with an unspecified injury, which is said to be an illness he’s been dealing with for months.

With Wyatt out of the picture, for the time being, plans for Howdy have also been put on ice. Wyatt is said to want to return to WWE action and TV but there are currently no updates in regard to his health or status. It was also noted that there was some confusion regarding a recent comment by WWE producer Brian “Road Dogg” James, who stated on his podcast that there has been a new writer hired for Wyatt. What that confusion is was not made clear in the report.