John Cena Cites WWE ‘Slump’ When Asked About Big Rematch

John Cena is gearing up for his return to the Fast & Furious franchise, and he is not alone. Following a very public fallout with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson stated that he would not be returning to the franchise, breaking the hearts of millions of Furious fans. Fortunately, a reported Fast X after-the-credits scene has fans optimistic Johnson could be returning to the franchise, alongside Diesel and Cena.

In an interview with 92NY150, Cena was asked whether he could be the one to play peacemaker between the two men on set. A term that the interviewer did not intend, as Cena is known for playing Peacemaker in the hit Marvel series on HBO Max.

“Yeah, I think I could swing that,” he chuckled.

While on the subject of Johnson, the conversation began to pivot to the two men’s relationship. Before the interviewer could ask his question, however, a fan yelled something from the audience that elicited the following response from the Doctor of Thuganomics.

“I’m so old,” he said. “I haven’t won a match in like five years, man. No one notices, thank you, but if you check the stats I am in a bit of a slump. He’s not exactly an easy opponent, I need to get somebody really easy to get a win on the board before I go knock on The Rock’s door again.”

After addressing a potential rematch against his former foe, Cena was finally able to address where the two men are at in regard to their personal relationship.

“I would like to think, in my perspective, that we always have been good, except for one little patch where I really messed up,” he lamented. “I got selfish and me, living WWE at the point, and not having any concept of growth or someone else’s perspective, I took Dwayne’s comments as not genuine. My view was if you love something, be there every day. What a hypocrite I am because I still love WWE but I can’t be there all the time and I just didn’t see that, I was so selfish.

“I had his number and we could have talked about it. Instead of going, ‘Hey man, I’d like to try to do this thing to hook you back in and maybe we can collaborate and really make it big,’ I was like, ‘eff this, I am going to call this dude out. This is a moment, he gave me an opening and I am going to kick the door open.’ I was diligent and I can understand why he got upset because he was changing the perception of the industry.”

Cena closed his thoughts out by also praising former WWE stars like Dave Bautista who are now “transcending the artform” and the way people view the pro wrestling industry. In the end, he believes it all worked out with Johnson, as they were able to have a great program, despite both men trying to do things on their own terms. With their behind-the-scenes conflict having been resolved, the two men have gone on to become friends.

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