Effy Gives Update On 15-Year Probation & Ability To Travel – Exclusive

Effy has become one of the most notable non-WWE or AEW pro wrestlers on the planet over the past few years. With his brash, flamboyant, and sometimes violent persona, he has won over crowds with his outspoken promos and anti-establishment mentality. Most notably, he launched his Big Gay Bruch series with GCW in 2020, welcoming the world’s top LGBTQ pro wrestlers together on one card. There have been six other installments since, including one in the UK, with more on the way.

Unfortunately, Effy hit a legal setback recently, which he explained to me in an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview.

“On Monday, I was given a 15-year probation sentence for having edibles in my car when I got caught speeding last February in South Georgia,” he said. “Now, you’re one of the few people that has seen the mug shot, which is going to be available as a shirt and 8 x 10 soon, so I can recoup some of the $9,000 I have spent on legal fees and court costs so far.

“But it was definitely a case of me looking like I was drugs and the cops sort of determining that I was. I mean, I don’t know how many other people in the United States history have a mug shot with an Anakin Jedi braid hanging off the side of their blond hair, only a month removed from losing to Jeff Jarrett.”

Along with his fifteen-year probation sentence, Effy has decided to stop smoking cannabis, as he is under the impression he is going to have to take drug tests. But what about his ability to travel? As we head into the summer, there are lots of Effy fans around the world that will be upset if he can’t make their town.

“I will say, I went to a South Georgia judge and I basically said, ‘Listen,’ in the most polite terms, because, you know, Pride Month is coming up. I do have to be honest in saying, I don’t think if I told them I was the most electric gay man in wrestling, and I had to continue my global domination tour, forcing everyone to be gay, that they would have enjoyed that.

“So I kind of had to dance around it and say, ‘Look, if I don’t have the ability to travel, you’re really going to mess up not only my life but the life of many people who I bring joy to.’ So, we worked out a situation where I can travel still globally, but I do have to inform them when I’m going and get a monthly pass. But now I’m sort of, I’m figuring out the next steps.”

Effy’s full, nearly one-hour interview with me will be released this Monday at 7 am EST on the Haus of Wrestling podcast feed. Available on all podcast platforms.

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