Righteous Reg Talks Involvement With AEW: Fight Forever – Exclusive

AEW fans are dancing in the streets with excitement as it has been announced that the company’s first video game, Fight Forever, will be hitting the store shelves on June 29. The game has been in production for years and has cost Tony Khan a pretty penny to produce. So, hopefully, all of the time and money that has been put into it will result in something that satisfies pro wrestling fans, and it looks like it will.

One aspect of the game that is sure to be a hit, is the soundtrack. On yesterday’s Haus of Wrestling episode, available at Premier Streaming Network and on the Haus of Wrestling podcast feed, Grapsody’s Righteous Reg spoke about the impending release of the game and his contributions to it.

“I have music involved in the game,” he confirmed. “So, just please get the game. It’s very important to me. I’ve been waiting for a long time for this release date. There’s been a lot going on. As you know, they’ve been building this video game from scratch. They didn’t get an engine from an old wrestling game, this is from zero to completion on June 29. Very excited about this release today. Very excited about people finally getting to have their hands on it.”

For the young hip-hop star and podcaster, it is a fantastic opportunity to create fans and find a new audience. I pressed Reg to give some insight into what we can expect from him musically in the game.

“I mean, there’s already been a video out that my song, Brick Phone, is a part of the thing but I have a couple of other songs that are also part of it that I want to just, let the game come out, and you hear my voice,” he said. “It’s really an honor. I mean, I came up playing the WWE games and football and basketball games, and the soundtracks are super important and I still remember the music and the songs from those games.

“And I’m hoping to be the same for me. You know, some little kid is going to play this game and they’re going to hear Righteous Reg rapping on the songs, and that’s just like a dream come true, man. This is amazing. I cannot wait for June 29th, it’s gonna be a great day.”

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