Effy Wants Jimmy Lloyd To Lead WWE NXT Invasion – Exclusive

Effy defines the kind of cowboy, renegade persona that has come to epitomize the Game Changer Wrestling stable of talent. Armed with only a microphone, the outspoken star has made it known that he is in pro wrestling to push his “gay agenda” by encouraging promoters, and fans, to support LGBTQ wrestlers. His message has certainly resonated, too, as more diverse talent has emerged on the independent pro wrestling scene in recent years.

As Effy’s clout grows, so do the opportunities that are allotted to him, and his band of GCW misfits. Back in the 90s, it became somewhat common to see ECW stars pop up on WWE Raw to cause some chaos, and the idea of one promotion invading the other exploded when the NWO took hold of WCW. At the moment, it doesn’t appear that WWE and AEW will be waging war in the same arenas as each other, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be other interesting invasions in the future.

In a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview, now available on the Haus of Wrestling podcast feed, Effy addressed the possibility of GCW’s top stars invading WWE’s NXT brand.

“I think it’d be great,” he stated. “But I gotta say this, people give Jimmy Lloyd shit because they think they know Jimmy Lloyd, Jimmy Lloyd should be leading that invasion. Jimmy Lloyd is one of the most entertaining people in wrestling. And if you look at his track record, a lot of people have gotten signed after fighting Jimmy Lloyd because he knows their particular style, and how to get them over.

“He can do any kind of wrestling, I would follow that man into the fires of Babylon. He is the leader of what we should be doing to invade. But I do think it’s funny that people think we’re working with WWE, because they saw that picture with Stephanie McMahon, and, at this point, I have not had any communications with them.”

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