Jimmy Uso Turns On Roman Reigns At WWE Night Of Champions

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens stood tall in the middle of the ring with their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships held high over their heads to close Night of Champions. The two men waged war against Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his Bloodline muscle, Solo Sikoa. However, following the referee taking an accidental spear from Reigns, things broke down in a way that The Tribal Chief most definitely did not see coming.

As the referee lay on the mat, Reigns, who was not the legal man at the time, was taken out by Owens and Zayn and sent to the outside of the ring. Sikoa then returned to the ring, as the legal man, and was trying to go after Zayn when The Usos hit the ring. As Sikoa held Zayn in place, The Usos went to deliver superkicks but Zayn ducked and Sikoa was the one left eating shoe leather. As the kicks were taking place, Reigns was regaining consciousness on the outside and was able to see the unintentional attack take place, thinking it had been done on purpose.

An enraged Reigns stormed into the ring and began berating both Jimmy and Jey Uso. At one point, as Jey tried to calm Reigns down, Reigns yelled at him that day one was over. As he turned his back on Jey, he was met by an intentional superkick from Jimmy, and a thunderous reaction from the Jeddah fans in attendance. After a heated exchange with his brother, Jey, Jimmy declared he was going to do what should have been done long ago and leveled Reigns with another superkick.

As Reigns and The Usos left the ring, Owens and Zayn descended on Sikoa, making short work of him and ultimately leading to their victory. This ultra-rare loss for Reigns will no doubt elicit a strong response from him on Smackdown, and likely a more than compelling in-ring segment addressing the status of The Bloodline faction. Reigns is officially announced for Money In The Bank, and it is possible this storyline rolls over into WWE’s next premium live event.