Frank The Clown Confirms Talks With Major Promotions – Exclusive

Strap in fans because CM Punk is not the only name that could be in the AEW fold soon, as popular independent pro wrestling manager Frank The Clown may be as well. In an exclusive Haus of Wrestling interview, Frank teased that he’ll be on-site for a major All Elite event coming up soon.

“Perhaps Frank the Clown will pop up June 17 in the United Center,” he said. “Whether it’s in the front row, whether it’s in the middle of the ring, whether it’s in a suite, whether it’s in the parking lot selling bootleg T-shirts. Who knows where Frank the Clown may be?!”

Following appearances on the WWE Network series, Holy Foley!, Frank branched out into the world of independent pro wrestling, transitioned to the role of manager, and earned some big moments in promotions like Game Changer Wrestling, Warrior Wrestling, and Black Label Pro. With managers making somewhat of a comeback in recent years, I asked Frank if AEW, or WWE, had shown a genuine interest in working with him.

“Full disclosure, I’ve had discussions with some of the major companies,” he confirmed. “I think, to me, it’s a timing thing. Frank the Clown’s a very specific flavor of ice cream. That’s why I say, you can’t always mix every single flavor of ice cream in, it might not taste very well. However, if you find this flavor of Frank, you find another flavor that makes sense to mesh it with, then you got yourself an ice cream sundae. So when somebody wants to eat that ice cream sundae and wants to order it, the rainbow-haired man is he’s ready to go.”

Some of the AEW names that Frank told me he would love to work with include Cezar Bononi, Powerhouse Hobbs, Marina Shafir, Nyla Rose, Zack Clayton, Nick Comoroto, Cole Karter, and Danhausen. And while all of those would make interesting pairings, there is one uniquely dark, carnival-type character that he thinks could be the perfect charge.

“Abadon,” he salivated. “Great character, really good wrestler, super unique, but Adadon has been lost in the shuffle. I know that they’ve been injured and whatnot for a bit but I think they’re back now, and being a zombie, zombies don’t necessarily talk. You watch The Walking Dead? You watch The Last of Us? They don’t speak. Who could speak for them? Hmm, I don’t know. Perhaps, Frank the Clown. You know? I love that dynamic.”

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