Carlito Reportedly Spotted In Orlando On WWE Business

WWE Backlash may have been headlined by Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar but it was a match earlier on the card that left everyone buzzing, Damian Priest versus international music star Bad Bunny. Both men have Puerto Rican heritage and with the street fight going down in their backyard, the energy in the arena could not have been more electric. The match saw a variety of other talents get involved, including Priest’s Judgment Day backup, and Bunny’s entourage, consisting of the LWO, Savio Vega, and Carlito.

Of all the stars involved in the wild spectacle, Carlito’s surprise appearance arguably got the biggest pop of anyone involved, Bunny included. As soon as the apple-spitting star’s entrance music hit, the place went bananas, and his aide to Bunny got a big reaction, as well.

For those who were jumping out of their seats with excitement at Carlito’s return, we may have some good news. PWInsider is reporting that the former WWE Intercontinental Champion was spotted in Orlando yesterday, and from what they have heard, he was there doing something with WWE. What that something is, could be anything, as there were no further details given.

The WWE Performance Center is, of course, in the Orlando area. If, and we are wildly speculating here, there are plans to work Carlito back into the WWE mix, it is possible he could be getting some reps in alongside NXT and Performance Center talent. There’s also the chance he was in town serving as a guest trainer for young talent, something that many tenured former WWE talents have been given the opportunity to do.

He may have just been in town seeing friends, as well. It’s not uncommon for former stars to come around and say hello but the timing certainly seems suspect. Carlito was in phenomenal shape when he ran to the ring in his LWO shirt at Backlash. With the LWO being one of the top merchandise movers for the company, and the popularity Carribean Cool still seems to have, his return could be viewed as a lay-up.