AEW Announces 4th Week In A Row Of Tony Khan Announcements

The AEW: Collision announcements will not stop until morale improves! Or so it seems to go because tomorrow night on AEW: Dynamite, Tony Khan will announce his latest AEW: Collision announcement, on the heels of three other AEW: Collision announcements over the last few weeks.

“This week on Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite, #AEW CEO & GM @TonyKhan will announce the MAIN EVENT for the Saturday, June 17 Premiere of #AEWCollision!” AEW announced on Twitter. “Don’t miss Wednesday Night #AEWDynamite LIVE from Colorado Springs at 8pm ET/7pm CT on @tbsnetwork!”

As noted, this is the fourth week in a row that Khan will have made an announcement on AEW: Dynamite in regard to Collision, the company’s impending Saturday night property on TNT. Four weeks ago, Khan made the initial announcement that AEW: Collision will be debuting on June 17 but only announced five of the six inaugural cities to host the show, leaving blank which town would be the first to hold the big show.

The AEW President and General Manager not announcing the debut Collision city threw the pro wrestling world into chaos as rumors began to spread that there had been a falling out between AEW and CM Punk and that the venue may not be The United Center, as had been expected. Despite the sound and fury, as we reported, Punk and Khan remained in communication and were able to work through the issues that arose when it was decided Ace Steel would not be returning to the company in a backstage capacity.

The following week, Khan returned to TV to announce that the first venue for Collision will be The United Center, and the following week he returned to confirm Punk’s inclusion as part of the show. Tomorrow night, the young executive will return with his latest announcement, this one in regard to what the June 17 main event will be. Early rumblings pointed towards a possible feud between Punk and Chris Jericho but, as of late, Samoa Joe is the one that The Second City Saint has reportedly wanted to work with.

Khan announcing Punk vs Joe for the first episode of Collision would certainly satisfy fans looking for a marquee match-up. Assuming the match will involve Punk, and we have no reason to think it won’t, it is worth noting that Fightful is reporting that the former AEW Champion has also taken a shine to Bullet Club Gold leader, “Switchblade” Jay White. With that in mind, an intergenerational battle of stars could be something on the table.