Stephen Amell Comments On CM Punk & His Recovery From Injury

For fans of gritty, pro wrestling dramas like Netflix’s GLOW, there is probably no better current series than STARZ’s Heels. The show centers around the Duffy Wrestling League and the two brothers, Jack and Ace, who inherited the promotion from their late father. Throughout the first season, the two slowly drift apart in regard to the creative direction of the company, along with a lot of personal issues, and wind up having a legitimate fight in the ring to close the final episode. The first season also featured a pair of cameos from Phil Brooks, better known to pro wrestling fans as CM Punk.

Brooks plays the role of Ricky Rabies, a journeyman grappler who travels the road with his wife, Vickie, and son, Wolfgang. The trio works, like the wild animals they are dressed like, as a pack to take down Rabies’ enemies and are not afraid to use outlandish tactics, like a possum drone that spits blood out of its mouth. Yes, you read that right.

The popular pro wrestling series will return to STARZ on July 28, with its second season, and during a Whatnot stream Stephen Amell, the star and producer of the show, commented on Punk’s return to the franchise, and what fans can expect from him.

“Yeah, I’m excited to have him come back,” he said. “I mean, obviously, there’s a little bit of drama and stuff like that, but the reason that he’s been away for as long as he has been was because he tore his tricep tendon,” Amell said. “Which is, believe me, he and I are either roughly the same age. He might be a little older than I am. I might be a bit older than him, actually. I’m not sure. But I also know how things are healing at my age versus how they healed in my early 20s. So he’s taking his time. We worked out on Thursday. It’s leg day. I’m still sore.”

Credit to SEScoops for the transcription