Dylan Postl Is Down To Join His ‘Brother’ In Bullet Club

Back in 2007, WWE had fans on edge wondering who could be Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son. At the time, the plan was for Mr. Kennedy to be revealed as the Chairman of The Board’s heir apparent but due to the rising star failing a drug test and being suspended, the angle had to be re-written. In Kennedy’s place, the decision was made to make Dylan Postl, aka Hornswoggle, the illegitimate son of McMahon.

What followed was months of McMahon offering his diminutive offspring tough love on-screen before it was revealed by JBL that Hornswoggle was actually the biological son of Fit Finlay. As the storyline went, McMahon’s children, Stephanie and Shane, his wife, Linda, and Finlay himself thought up the scam and allowed it to play out for a prolonged period of time. While none of it made much sense, the story is still talked about to this day.

In an exclusive Inside The Ropes interview, I spoke with Postl about the infamous angle, and whether he still keeps in touch with his “father” Finlay.

“Yeah, I do. A few weeks ago, I teamed with Brogan Finley, his youngest son,” he recalled. “We had a tag match in Chicago, and that, coming full circle, seeing Brogan as a legit child, like, child-child with his thumb in his mouth, and now I’m tagging with him was incredible. We FaceTimed Fit after the match, and we all had a good laugh. So that’s like a weird dream, six-man of mine. Me, Brogan, and David all teaming together like a weird six-man. Just all Fit’s kids.”

Postl noted that he has never actually shared a ring with David, Finlay’s oldest son, who is currently the leader of the legendary Bullet Club stable. Over the past decade, Bullet Club has seen a wide variety of performers join its ranks, from AJ Styles to Cody Rhodes, and even Jeff Jarrett. With his “brother” running the show now, I wondered if we could see Swoggle running around in a skull and ammo shirt anytime soon.

“Come on! Scott D’amore was in Bullet Club!” he exclaimed. “I have full reign to be in Bullet Club! Give me a payday, brother!”

If you use any quotes from this article please give a h/t to Haus of Wrestling for the transcription and credit Inside The Ropes