Backstage News On Anthony Bowens ‘I’m Gay’ AEW Segment

This past Friday night’s episode of AEW: Rampage saw The Acclaimed, along with Daddy Ass, pick up their latest victory, this time at The United Center in Chicago. The trio made short work of Axel Rico, Darius Latrell, and Koda Hernandez and, after the match, found themselves in an impromptu encounter with QTV’s Harley Cameron. The blonde “journalist” seemingly tried to win over the crowd favorites by showing off her rap skills before making it clear she knew that Anthony Bowens was into her.

This is where the segment took a turn, as Bowens made it clear to her that she wasn’t his type by letting her know, “I’m gay!” Bowens has never been shy in interviews or press appearances about his sexuality but, until now, has never explicitly said he was gay in an AEW promo. Obviously, that has all changed now, and a clip of the exchange has garnered nearly five million views on Twitter. Following the line, John Morrison, now Johnny TV, along with QTV, laid out the trio in a surprise attack.

Fightful reports that the much-buzzed-about segment was produced mainly by Daddy Ass and QT Marshall. Before the exchange played out on Rampage, Marshall asked Bowens backstage if he was comfortable openly saying he was gay on the microphone, and the tag team star was more than happy to oblige. The timing is appropriate, too, as we are currently in the throws of Pride Month, and this past weekend featured Chicago’s Pride Parade.

Following the big moment, Bowens took to Twitter to share positive messages reflecting on the historic occasion.

“If ya told me years ago, I’d have an arena chanting HE’S GAY at me in the most POSITIVE of ways, I’d say you’re crazy,” he began. “It’s pretty cool to see how far we’ve come. Still more work to do. Happy Pride #AEWRampage

“This app has been beyond negative and atrocious since the sale, so I’m happy The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass have been able to spread love and positivity on here this weekend,” he continued.