Santos Escobar Explains What The LWO Has Evolved Into – Exclusive

At WWE Money In The Bank, Santos Escobar battled six other men in a Money In The Bank ladder match, attempting to obtain a contract that would allow him to cash in a World Championship opportunity anytime he wanted. Unfortunately, Escobar came up short in London, and it was The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest who ascended the ladder to success.

Priest’s win comes on the heels of a big loss to Bad Bunny earlier this year at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico. The match went down as a San Juan Street Fight, and, in the end, it was the LWO, along with Savio Vega and Carlito, that helped the international megastar pick up the victory. It was a big moment for the new faction that had just been resurrected a few weeks prior by Rey Mysterio, an original member of the NWO sub-faction.

During the WWE Money In The Bank media junket, I had a chance to speak with Escobar and asked if he and the group felt the pressure of stepping into the shoes of legendary LWO members like Eddie Guerrero.

“I believe that we’re way past that stage,” he asserted. “I think the first month or so it was like, ‘Alright, let’s see what these guys are about. Let’s see what they bring to the table.’ But then, I sort of feel like the whole LWO thing evolved into this sort of movement where people know that we represent them. That will, that grit, that desire, that never-ending hunger of just succeeding and overcoming in life.

“I believe LWO is that and more. I always say, what do we do in WWE? We tell stories, and we put smiles on people’s faces. Yes, I would go one step ahead and say we inspire people if you go ahead and put smiles on people’s faces. But if you can elevate your work, your body of work, and whatever you deliver, and you can inspire people and capture their minds and hearts, then you won this game, and LWO is just that.”

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