Cody Rhodes Offered To Sponsor Former AEW Star In Fitness Competition

On October 21, 2021, a tag team known as Too Fast Too Fuego made their AEW debut at a Dark taping hailing from Universal Studios. The team consisted of newly signed AEW star Fuego Del Sol and the mysterious Fuego Dos, who swore he was not Cody Rhodes despite his physical similarities to The American Nightmare. The duo was wildly popular with the fans but, sadly, were destined to be a shortlived act as Rhodes, who was totally not Fuego Dos, departed AEW at the top of 2022 for WWE. Following his exit, Del Sol declared that his “son” was missing and presumed dead.

Outside of his initial surprise signing with the promotion, tagging with Rhodes was arguably one of the highest points of Del Sol’s run with AEW. In an exclusive Inside The Ropes interview that I conducted, the recently released AEW talent opened up about forming a relationship with Rhodes, noting their chemistry began when Sammy Guevara asked the EVP to give Del Sol a pep talk as part of his vlog.

“Luckily, it ended up working out for me where the one line that caught on in his little pep talk was, ‘You’re the master of the Tornado DDT,'” he recalled. “Mind you, I hadn’t done the Tornado DDT as a signature finishing move in years, but it was on this old Google Sheet. And, so now, to pop Cody every week, I’m teasing the Tornado DDT, but I never hit it. And it builds a story until me and QT, I hit it, and the rest is history.”

Del Sol recently parted ways with All Elite Wrestling and wants to continue his journey as Rhodes did, albeit in his own way. With that in mind, I asked the young star if he still keeps in touch with Rhodes and is getting advice about what to do next in his career.

“He texted me yesterday,” he revealed. “It’s one of those things, you know? He saw me putting a lot of work into my body, and he offered to even sponsor me for a fitness competition if that was something I wanted to do. He asked me if there was anything he could do to help. And I told him, just like I would tell Sammy, I thank you for your friendship so much, and I appreciate your friendship so much that I don’t want to ask you for favors. I don’t. I’d rather go out and earn it myself. If he wants to help me in the future, great, but I just appreciate his friendship more than anything, his advice.

“And I think a lot of people stopped talking to Cody when he left AEW, and me and Sammy had a group chat with him, and we would always pick at him, joke with him about action figures, joke with him about wrestling. And, so, he’s always been nice enough to at least joke back and shoot us a text and talk to us occasionally. So, all the love in the world for Cody Rhodes, I got his Funko Pop figure sitting right here behind me because his friendship means the world to me.”

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