Sam Adonis Comments On Parting Ways With MLW – Exclusive

Last year, MLW announced that Sam Adonis would be joining their roster. Adonis is formally most known to pro wrestling fans in the United States as the MAGA-spewing heel riling up audiences down in Mexico. However, ever since making the leap away from CMLL to AAA, he has dropped that act in favor of showcasing a more authentic, polished, and violent side of himself. His MLW signing made sense considering the promotion has traditionally embraced luchadors and worked to bridge US and Mexican pro wrestling fans.

However, after less than a year, Adonis announced that he was parting ways with the promotion, at least for now. Adonis’ MLW run was highlighted by a pair of Country Whipping and Strap Matches with Mance Warner but, outside of those bouts, was largely uneventful. Unlike in MLW, Adonis has stayed very active in AAA, where he is currently one of the top rudos, or heels, for the promotion. On August 12, the final night of TripleMania XXXI, he’ll participate in a huge Fatal 4-Way Mask Vs. Hair match that also includes AEW’s Rush, his nemesis Psycho Clown, and LA Park.

In a Haus of Wrestling exclusive interview, I asked Adonis if his busy AAA schedule played into the decision to part ways with MLW.

“Absolutely not,” he stated. “It was great. I was on the fence and didn’t really want to sign a contract anywhere at that point, but Konnan is very tight with Court Bauer, and they were able to cut me a deal that I couldn’t refuse. I mean, it was basically just, I think, I ended up doing maybe seven or eight tapings. There were no major commitments. There was nothing, no restrictions.

“I didn’t really understand why that had to be put on paper, but it wasn’t going to throw anything off. So I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it.’ I don’t know if they maybe had a few other ideas that fell through or something, but on my end, I don’t have a bad word to say. Everybody was awesome. I got to work with some great talent. I got to spend some time in the United States for once. It was cool being in an English-speaking wrestling environment for once.

“It’s funny because I’m definitely not really known for having the capabilities on the microphone as I do. And I really do. When I get a microphone, that’s probably where I thrive the most, even in Spanish. It was nice to be able to have some mic time in the USA and show some people that I can do it. But, right now, it’s just that nothing’s really going to be able to offer what AAA is doing for me. It’s a great position to be in.

“Like I said, I’ve worked here for a long time. I’ve got a lot more left in the tank as far as this goes. I personally see a massive babyface run coming in Mexico. Hopefully, one of these days, you can look back and say, ‘Hey, you remember Vampiro?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘What about Sam Adonis?’ You know? So, we’ll see; maybe I’ll have some rock concerts and be packing out five or six shows a day like he used to.”

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