Pretty Deadly Name Former WWE IC Champ As Possible Manager – Exclusive

Elton Prince and Kit Wilson, better known as Pretty Deadly, have quickly become one of the hottest tag teams in WWE. After initially signing with WWE in 2019 as part of the WWE NXT UK brand, they were moved to the States in April 2022 as part of NXT before being drafted to WWE’s main roster a year later, becoming members of the Smackdown brand.

During the WWE Money In The Bank media junket, I caught Wilson doing his best Wade Barrett impression to someone else in the room. After joking about “bad news” for a few moments, I asked the duo if they would be interested in having Barrett, who is also a UK native, as their manager.

“I mean, we love Pretty Deadly as just the two, you know?” Prince said. “We are we when two hearts become one, you know? A classic song. But I think if we were to have a manager, I think Wade Barrett would be up there. I think if we have to, if pushed, I’ll take Wade.”

After musing about the possibility of having the former WWE Intercontinental Champion in their corner, they both began to talk about their love of the Bullhammer finisher. When Barrett saw the end of a match in sight, he would turn his elbow pad inside out from black to red before dropping his opponents with a big elbow to the face. The friends became so giddy talking about it that I pointed out they seemed to want to have Barrett second them.

“I’m excited,” Prince said. “I think maybe.”

Of course, Barrett’s skills are currently being used at the WWE Smackdown commentary desk, where he calls the action each Friday night alongside Michael Cole. Before broadcasting WWE’s top-rated show, he served as one of the commentators in WWE NXT and had the chance to work up close with the flamboyant tag team.

“He is probably the best new, and I know he’s been doing it a while; he’s this best new commentator on the scene in the WWE, and he’s great,” Wilson added. “And he hypes us up, and I just, I feel good about him.”

Pretty Deadly is not actively competing at the moment due to a shoulder injury Prince reportedly suffered during a tag team match against The Brawling Brutes on the July 17 edition of WWE Smackdown. Before the injury, the duo took on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships on the Smackdown before Money In The Bank in London.

My full conversation with Pretty Deadly was released as part of today’s Haus of Wrestling episode. It is available in video form on the Premier Streaming Network and in audio form on the Haus of Wrestling podcast feed.

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