Update On The Future Of WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

The post-WWE SummerSlam week kicked off with some somber news on Monday as word began to make the rounds that Sonya Deville had torn her ACL and would require surgery. Her injury occurred just days after capturing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships alongside Chelsea Green when they were competing in a non-title match against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair on WWE Smackdown. This past Monday night on Raw, Michael Cole gave an update on the future of the titles, noting that fans will have to wait and see who holds them next.

On today’s episode of After The Bell, Green arrived in-studio with both titles over her shoulders and addressed what is next for them.

“Do you really think Adam Pearce is taking the bull by the horns? It’s Adam Pearce,” she said. “No, I have gone ahead and contacted my lawyers, and I have contacted management; I’ve let them know. They’re not going anywhere. Okay? They’re not going anywhere. And if they are going somewhere, they’re going to really, really have to put up a fight because, at this point in time, they’re coming everywhere with me. Nobody’s touching these. Do you know how hard I worked for these? Eight years. Eight years, I have been fired and rehired from this company. They’re not going anywhere.”

Elsewhere in her appearance on Corey Graves’ podcast, Green gave even more information about the future of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships and how she plans on choosing a new partner.

“I’m thinking we do Chelsea’s Got Talents,” she pondered. “I’m gonna need a buzzer and a very, very comfy chair, but I think I think that could work. You have to be a well-rounded human to be my partner because look at all the things that I’m good at. Right? You can’t just be a one-dimensional wrestler; you have to be good at everything.”

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