More On Christopher Daniels & Others Not At AEW Collision – Exclusive

CM Punk caused controversy following this past week’s edition of AEW Collision when he made divisive comments about “Hangman” Adam Page and The Elite during an off-air promo. Punk branded Page as “a peg warmer, unlike me who moves merchandise and pops ratings and sells toys” before taking a shot at AEW stars who believe they are the heart, soul, and spirit of the promotion, a statement made in the past by The Elite. He then tried to make a GTS joke but fumbled it before admitting he had been “rocked” during the main event.

Wrestling Observer reports that Adam Page was originally sent to Greensboro to record a pre-taped interview for this Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite. When he got there, however, he was told he’d have to do the pre-tape away from the arena and not attend the show whatsoever. It was also noted that Page is not the only talent that’s encountered an issue like this.

Fightful reports that Ryan Nemeth was set to appear on Collision this past week but was sent home after being told he wasn’t needed. Earlier today, on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Melzer confirmed the report and stated that this was not the first time this had happened to Nemeth or others on the AEW roster. Matt Hardy was apparently booked as well and was told not to go to the building after getting into town for the taping. The same goes for Christopher Daniels, who has been working ROH tapings and is the promotions Head of Talent Relations.

Haus of Wrestling has confirmed that at least two of these men not being backstage at Collision stem from issues with CM Punk. Notably, Christopher Daniels’ involvement in the post-AEW All Out altercation was specifically portrayed to us as the reason The Fallen Angel is not at Collision. Since Ace Steel, Punk’s good friend, was also involved in the altercation but not allowed to return backstage for Collision, Punk is said to feel the same about Daniels and does not want him backstage either.

As for Nemeth, we have also confirmed his comments on Twitter, where he called Punk the “softest man alive” from his now-deactivated account, did him no favors, and is the reason he was asked to leave Collision. Punk is said to not be looking for any drama backstage at Collision and felt Nemeth’s previous comments showed his willingness to unnecessarily stir the pot in the locker room.

We have not heard anything in regard to Punk asking to have Page or Hardy not be present at the Greensboro Coliseum for the taping. However, we were told that Punk’s post-Collision promo comments about Page did not come across how he would have liked them and that he felt bad about them afterward. At this time, The Elite and Punk have not met to bury the hatchet, but it sounds like Punk is keeping the door open to that possibility.