Eric Bischoff Blasts ‘Weird’ AEW All In Match

AEW’s first event to be held outside of North America is finally taking shape with just over a week to go until AEW All In emanates from Wembley Stadium in London, England. At the time of writing, five matches have been announced for the historic event including Adam Cole and MJF teaming up to challenge Aussie Open for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship on the pre-show. The two will then clash in the main event over Friedman’s AEW World Championship.

Some have been baffled by the decision to have Cole and MJF compete on the event’s pre-show whilst also headlining the main card, including Eric Bischoff who blasted the move during the latest edition of his Strictly Business podcast.

“See, that’s weird to me. That is freaking weird to me,” Bischoff exclaimed. His co-host attempted to defend the announcement by stating the pre-show match could feature a story beat that would affect the main event but Bischoff shut him down: “It doesn’t matter. Even if it’s a good story, it doesn’t matter.”

“It would be like if I was sitting at a table and somebody said ‘Hey, I got an idea. Let’s put arguably two of the biggest names on our roster, and [I’m] taking your position because I haven’t been following it, [in] maybe one of the best storylines going and let’s have it in the pregame show. Because it’s Ring of Honor!’ First of all, nobody f-cking cares about Ring of Honor!

Why would you dilute your event and two of your, at least from my perspective, valuable pieces of talent and, in your perspective, one of your best storylines on the pregame show? If you haven’t advanced your story by now, you’re dead in the water! But you have advanced it, I saw the clips of MJF’s promo. I think the world of MJF, I think he’s probably the most important talent on that show and I think he’s the most important part of the future of AEW.”

Bischoff’s co-host added that MJF is currently the only talent on AEW that consistently increases the audience in Dynamite’s quarterly ratings. Bischoff wasn’t surprised, “How could it not be?

He is, without question, the most entertaining character on that show. I’ll argue, I don’t care about anybody else’s opinion. If you think differently than me, you’re not thinking at all. You’re reacting emotionally because you’re a fanboy. Listen, MJF is the most valuable man on that roster. And to put him on the pregame show? That’s the silliest damn thing I’ve ever heard. Whoever came up with that idea should be beat. […] Don’t let them communicate for at least a month.”

Bischoff has also levied plenty of criticism in WWE’s direction as of late, recently branding the main event of SummerSlam between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso as a disappointment. The former WCW President felt the Tribal Combat match did not make him interested in seeing what happened next on SmackDown and ultimately felt “bored” by the entire affair.

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