Lacey Evans Reportedly Finished With WWE

Lacey Evans perked fans’ interest last night when she told fans on Instagram, “When the clock strikes 12, you will address me as Macey Estrella from here on out.” The post was followed by a change to her Instagram profile description, which now lists her as FKA WWE Superstar Lacey Evans. Fightful noted shortly after Evans’ tease that there were currently no creative plans in place for the military veteran, despite an attempt to repackage her as a female Sgt. Slaughter earlier this year.

Wrestling Observer reports that Evans is no longer with WWE; they did not offer any other further details about her exit. She was signed by WWE in 2016 but never managed to hold any gold during her tenure, outside of a 2020 WWE Slammy for Trash Talker of The Year, which she won alongside The Hurt Business. During her time with the company, she often waffled between a babyface and heel, making it difficult for fans to really pick a side on where they stood with the star.

Her latest iteration, as a female Sgt. Slaughter was not well-received by the man himself or his daughter, who blasted Evans’ presentation after not getting his permission to do it.

“No. This is NOT okay,” Slaughter’s said on Twitter. “@WWE Who the f-ck does @LaceyEvansWWE think she is?!? There’s only 1 @_SgtSlaughter, there’s only 1 Slaughter Daughter, and she’s just a poser.”

“Your daddy’s biggest fan,” Evans fired back. “A United States Marine. And a bad Mfer. (American flag emoji) you know who I am. And where to find me.”

“Lookout @LaceyEvansWWE,” Slaughter responded. “You’ve Got @_sgtdaughter Pissed. She’s One Tough MF’er. I Know Jarhead I Trained Her & Like ME She Takes NO Prisoner’s ‘There’s Only 2 Ways Out Of Camp Slaughter On YOUR Feet or In A Ditty Bag, An Itty, Bitty, Ditty Bag’ YO JOE”

“Between your hips and her ability, the chances of anyone in your bloodline to put me in a bag is 0,” Evans responded. “When you birth someone who can carry your legacy or take me out, call me. Until then, salute me. Like the real Marine I am. Rah.”