The Creed Brothers Challenge The Dyad To Stipulation Match

Tonight’s episode of WWE NXT Heatwave has already delivered much of the hot action that was advertised. Including Noam Darr defeating Nathan Frazier to retain the Heritage Cup and Ilja Dragonuv notching up a victory over Trick Williams. Tonight’s show also featured The Rock’s daughter, Ava, competing in her first televised singles match. Unfortunately, unlike her WWE Hall of Fame-worthy father, she was unable to lay the smackdown on her opponent and wound up tapping out to Diamond Mine’s Ivy Nile, who was without The Creed Brothers.

Following the match, The Schism surrounded the ring, and Niles, alone, was forced to take out as many masked members as she could. When she went back to attack Ava further, members of the cult-like faction pulled her from the ring, away from Niles. Later, backstage, Ava cut a promo into the camera but was cut off by Niles, who was looking for retribution.

Ava laughed off Niles as a threat and asked her hooded counterparts to take her out. Unfortunately for Ava, the mysterious figures she was speaking with were not her fellow The Schism members. Instead, it was Julius and Brutus Creed who had arrived to help Niles even the playing field. It was the first time the duo had appeared inside the NXT arena since losing a Loser Leaves NXT match to The Schism’s The Dyad last month.

The two men gave Ava a mean look before Niles jumped her from behind, leaving her lying. Julius then looked into the camera and issued a challenge to The Dyad: If you want Ava back, wrestle us next week on NXT. If The Creed Brothers win, they will be reinstated as part of the WWE NXT roster. Furthermore, to ensure The Schism does not interfere, they want the bout to go down inside a steel cage.

Rumors have been swirling for months that The Dyad are looking to leave WWE once their contracts are up. While not confirmed, it is possible that once The Creed Brothers are reinstated and are past this feud, we may not see The Dyed that much longer.