Tony Khan Is Moving Forward With FTR Vs. The Young Bucks

This weekend, All Elite Wrestling will present the AEW All In London, featuring the most paid attendance of all time for a pro wrestling event, surpassing WWE WrestleMania 32. The historic show should bring nothing but joy to the young promotion and their fans, but some bad news this past week cast somewhat of a shadow. On Thursday night, AEW World Tag Team Champion Cash Wheeler, real name Daniel Wheeler, was arrested on one count of aggravated assault with a firearm. Following the news cycles that followed, many speculated that the big match between FTR and The Young Bucks might not take place because of it.

Just now, on the AEW All In and Fyter Fest media call, AEW President and General Manager Tony Khan confirmed that the match looks to be going forward as planned. He noted that the evidence against Wheeler is inconclusive, and they do not have all the facts yet. At this time, there has not been any punishment handed down to Wheeler, but Khan said he is keeping an eye on the pending situation.

Last Friday, Haus of Wrestling reported that many top AEW talents and management were unaware of the charge until the news broke, and, on the media call, Khan was asked when he found out about Wheeler’s arrest. He was coy on details but did say that he has been trying to gather facts for the last “several days.” That comment seems to imply that he has known about it for less than a week or about as long as the rest of us.

He also stated later in the call that FTR vs. The Young Bucks is one of the biggest matches the company has ever promoted, and he does not forsee it being pulled from the card. He reiterated that he is taking the charge seriously and is continuing to keep an eye on it.

Tony Khan’s full AEW All In and Fyter Fest media call can now be found on the Haus of Wrestling YouTube channel