AEW Contract Updates On QT Marshall And The Boys

It looks as though Dalton Castle will continue to have his Boys at his side for the immediate future. Brandon Tate posted to X today confirming that he and his brother Brent have re-signed with AEW and Ring of Honor. According to a report from Fightful Select, the two sides negotiated back and forth over the last several weeks before coming to an agreement in recent days.

The Tate twins, alongside Castle, are former Ring of Honor Six-Man Tag Team Champions. The trio most recently held the titles last year, from ROH Death Before Dishonor in July until ROH Final Battle in December. Though they’ve made some appearances with Castle in AEW, The Boys are primarily active on the ROH side of things.

One AEW talent who is currently in contract negotiations is QT Marshall. Fightful Select reported today that there have been discussions regarding a short-term extension for Marshall as they continue working on the details of his next contract. However, nothing has been agreed to as of now.

Marshall works for AEW as more than just an onscreen talent. In addition to running the Nightmare Factory training facility alongside Cody Rhodes, Marshall is AEW’s Vice President of Show and Creative Coordination as of last August. That means Marshall joins individuals like Bryan Danielson on the AEW creative team. Marshall has previously described himself as Tony Khan’s “right-hand man,” helping lay out show formatting and working with talent behind the scenes. That adds an extra layer of complication to Marshall’s contract as opposed to one that applies strictly to onscreen talent.