Effy Invites Dennis Rodman To Big Gay Brunch In Chicago

The outspoken and charismatic Effy has one mission: make wrestling gayer. Having never seen screen time on WWE or AEW TV, Effy has made a home on the independent pro wrestling scene, and more notably with GCW, with whom he promotes his Big Gay Brunch events. Each Brunch showcases the top LGBTQ+ talent from around the world of pro wrestling, and occasionally, an ally or two will compete to support Effy’s gay agenda. The shows are always entertaining and very, very gay.

Effy’s upcoming Big Gay Brunch will take place next weekend, as all of pro wrestling seems to be descending on Chicago for AEW All Out weekend. Notable names from multiple generations are set to take part in Starrcast, which regularly runs during All Out weekend, and one name, in particular, seems to have grabbed Effy’s attention: former Chicago Bulls player and NWO renegade Dennis Rodman.

“Hi, I spoke with Starcast management this weekend, and I discussed with them how I believe NWO is for for for for life,” Effy began in a social media video. “Folks, I would like to reach out specifically to you, Dennis Rodman. I have been told that you have no interest in attending Big Gay Brunch, not even in a performing capacity or speaking on stage at our live podcast, but I would like to extend the invitation to you, Dennis Rodman, star of basketball team.

“I don’t watch basketball, but I do watch wrestling, and you were a wonderful member of the NWO. I know there’s been some recent controversy. There’s always recent controversy with Effy. So, come join us. Come have a good time. I’ve seen you in the Pride Parades. You married yourself. There’s beauty in all of this. Come be a weirdo with the rest of us weirdos, Dennis Rodman. Come have fun. Mimosas are on me. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

“I was told to reach out directly, and this is the only way I know how to. Dennis Rodman, you’re invited to Effy’s Big Gay brunch on Saturday morning. You’re invited to Weekend At Effy’s on Sunday morning. Let’s have a good time.”

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch 7 takes place on Saturday, September 2, at the Grand Sports Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL, at Noon CST. Starcast will present a Weekend At Effy’s live podcast stage show on Sunday morning.

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