Mickie James Sheds Light On Nick Aldis’ Status With WWE

Before Roman Reigns hit the 1000-day mark of his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship reign, Nick Aldis had already done the same just a few years earlier with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Aldis, who hails from Docking, Norfolk, England, has been a prominent figure in nearly every major promotion that isn’t WWE or AEW. Outside of the NWA, he has been the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and the IWGP Tag Team Champion in NJPW alongside fellow UK star Doug Williams, just to name a few of his accolades.

Following a tumultuous exit from the NWA at the end of 2022, Aldis made a brief return to Impact Wrestling before quietly fading away earlier this summer. In the time since his Impact exit, reports have circulated that Aldis has begun working with WWE in a backstage capacity. In an interview with Muscle Man Malcolm, Aldis’ wife, five-time WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James, shed some light on her husband’s status with the sports entertainment juggernaut.

“He’s been shadowing there,” she said. “I do think that he’s going to be an incredible producer if that’s, you know, if that works out, and they love that, and he loves that, but I also believe in my husband and anything that he does, and I think he’s an incredible wrestler. He’s an incredible champion. He’s an incredible artist in everything he does. He is a professional. He’s an incredible businessman with legacy subs like he does.

“He’s an incredible dad. He’s an incredible husband, so I’m always gonna toot his horn, but I also feel like it comes off as very biased when I say it. But I’m really grateful that he has this opportunity, and if he takes it, I hope it’s because he loves it and they love him, and if they don’t, and it doesn’t, then I just know that, you know, there’s a million wonderful things that he’s going to do.”

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