Tony Khan Confirms Backstage ‘Incident’ Prior To AEW All In Going Live

All Elite Wrestling wrapped up All In London just a few minutes ago, and the post-show media scrum is underway. Tony Khan began the scrums by confirming there was “an incident” backstage just before they went live that they are investigating but declined to comment on it further. The incident that Khan is referring to is likely the one between CM Punk and Jack Perry that reportedly took place just before Punk went through the curtain for the first match on the main card against Samoa Joe.

On the AEW All In Zero Hour pre-show, Perry unsuccessfully defended the FTW Championship against Hook and, during the early minutes of the match, dropped Taz’s son through the windshield of a limousine sitting ringside. Following the spot, Hook sported a large cut across his back, likely because, as Perry noted to the camera, “It’s real glass, cry me a river.” The line was a direct shot at Punk, who he allegedly had another confrontation with weeks ago at Collision over the use of glass in a backstage segment.

Perry was apparently insistent about the use of real glass in the segment, something Punk and the AEW doctors were against. A tense confrontation ensued, and apparently, the bad blood lingered until tonight when Perry apparently “came at” Punk before his match. As one side of the story goes, Perry bumped up against Punk, resulting in him getting choked, but it is not clear by whom.

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