Becky Lynch Evens The Score With Trish Stratus At WWE Payback

Becky Lynch has finally gotten her long-awaited win on Trish Stratus, defeating the legendary star at WWE Payback tonight inside a Steel Cage. Trish got the win in their first singles clash back at Night of Champion in Jeddah thanks to some assistance from Zoey Stark but now The Man has gotten the win back after pinning Stratus with a Manhandle Slam off the top rope.

The match featured several tributes to female stars of the past: Trish used the Widow’s Peak whilst Becky responded with the Twist In Fate, in tribute to the first-ever Women’s Steel Cage match between Victoria and Lita back in 2003. The two almost pulled off some major spots using the cage as Stratus hit a modified Stratusfaction from the top rope before Lynch followed with a superplex whilst Trish was hanging from the top of the steel cage.

In the end, Stratus’ protege Zoey Stark attempted to interfere but the 6-time women’s champion gave her a Manhandle Slam for her troubles. With Stark out of commission, Lynch took Stratus to the top rope and hit a Super Manhandle Slam to finally put away the WWE Hall of Famer in the center of the ring.

After the bout, Stark attempted to help Stratus to her feet but was pushed away and slapped for her efforts. Stark definitely ended their partnership in response, hitting her Z-360 finisher on Stratus before walking away. Stratus looked stunned on the canvas as the shot faded to black.