CJ Perry Makes Her AEW Debut At All Out

Over two years after she was released by WWE, CJ Perry joined her husband in All Elite Wrestling during tonight’s All Out pay-per-view. Perry came down to the ring in an attempt to help Miro as he was getting beaten down by Powerhouse Hobbs after the match between the two. While Perry’s appearance offered enough distraction for Miro to gain the upper hand against Hobbs, the former TNT Champion did not seem pleased by his wife’s presence. With Hobbs out of the way, Miro backed out of the ring, his face a mix of confusion and resentment as he made his exit.

Miro defeated Hobbs tonight, forcing his fellow big man to tap out to his Game Over finisher. The crowd was quite hot for the bout, with numerous chants referencing the heft of the two competitors. After spending a few moments recovering following the match, Hobbs offered his hand to Miro, and Miro accepted. However, once Miro turned his back, Hobbs attacked, prompting the appearance of Perry.

Prior to her 2021 release, Perry had spent eight years with WWE, where she performed as Lana. For the majority of her run, Lana was the manager of Rusev, Miro’s WWE persona. After his WWE release in April 2020, Lana continued on as a singles act until she was released a little over a year later. It now seems likely that Perry will join Miro as a regular on AEW Collision.

Since Miro made his debut with AEW in September 2020, he has made numerous onscreen references to his wife, but Perry wasn’t brought in until now. It should be noted that part of Miro’s recent character change saw the performer renounce both his God as well as his “beautiful wife” during a pre-taped segment in June. It now seems that aspect of Miro’s story will now play out onscreen rather than through allusions and references in promos.