Jey Uso Reunited With Former Ally On WWE Raw

Following his return over the weekend at WWE Payback and the reveal he’d be joining the red brand, Jey Uso returned to television on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw. Uso started off the show, entering through the crowd before picking up a mic and addressing the Charlotte, North Carolina audience. After alluding to the unresolved issues with his family, Uso reiterated that Cody Rhodes brought him back into WWE after Uso quit following WWE Summerslam last month. Uso’s promo was then interrupted by an old friend and rival – Sami Zayn.

Zayn stated that some people in the locker room may not trust Uso yet, but that wasn’t why the former Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion came out. Zayn let Uso know that he was happy to hear Uso was joining Raw and congratulated him on finally getting out of The Bloodline. While it first seemed that Uso declined to shake Zayn’s hand, he revealed he was messing with his former stablemate, and the two hugged in the middle of the ring. Before the segment came to an end, however, Uso came face-to-face with both Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle at the top of the ramp, with Zayn stepping in to successfully defuse the situation between the men – for the time being, at least.

Over on Friday nights, the latest WWE SmackDown saw some strange developments for The Bloodline story. Jimmy Uso confronted John Cena to open last week’s show, getting laid out with an Attitude Adjustment and spending much of the remaining two hours pouting about it. After getting himself into conflict with AJ Styles, Solo Sikoa came to Jimmy’s aid, with Jimmy telling his younger brother he didn’t want his help. However, after the Styles vs. Sikoa main event, Jimmy attempted to work with Sikoa and Sikoa rejected him – a mind-boggling turn of events, to say the least.

The saga of The Bloodline in WWE has now spanned more than three years, with Roman Reigns’ return in August 2020 marking the genesis of the storyline. The Usos first found themselves opposed to Reigns, then spent many months at his side before Zayn and Kevin Owens introduced enough turmoil into the faction to seemingly cause both brothers to leave the group. However, after Friday, it’s now safe to say that Jimmy’s Bloodline status is currently up in the air.