Ricochet On Will Ospreay: ‘He’s A Dummy, He’s Always Hurt’ – Exclusive

At WWE SummerSlam, Ricochet competed in arguably his most high-profile match ever against Logan Paul. The WWE star and viral sensation had already shared two viral moments earlier this year, one at the Royal Rumble and another at Money In The Bank, but this was the first time they had the ring to themselves. Unfortunately for Ricochet, he was unsuccessful, as Paul leveled him with a pair of brass knuckles in the closing moments for the win.

During an exclusive Haus of Wrestling conversation from WWE SummerSlam week, I asked Ricochet how it was working with Paul, as compared to another one of his legendary opponents, IWGP United States Champion Will Ospreay.

“I feel like what he and I did, we weren’t trying to create some crazy viral moment that everyone is going to talk about forever,” he laughed. “We were just planning, me and Ospreay; we were just gonna go out there, take it to each other, and have the match that we have. He just is a freak of nature. You know what I mean?”

Ospreay has confirmed that his contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling expires in six months, making him a free agent when the time arises. At the moment, many are speculating that Ospreay is AEW-bound, especially considering he defeated Chris Jericho this past weekend at AEW: All In London. However, it is possible Ospreay will take his talents elsewhere, like WWE, and I pressed Ricochet about whether or not he would like to re-ignite his feud with the Aerial Assassin.

“He’s a dummy, he’s always hurt, he’s always hurting himself,” he said. “He’s like my little brother. Absolutely, I would absolutely love to have another opportunity for me and Ospreay to have another bout. Especially because I believe, the last one way, I think he won. That’s so dumb. So, I would love to have my revenge on Will Ospreay in any capacity. Absolutely.

“But like you said, he’s doing his own thing. He’s making his own; he’s paving his own way. He’s doing his own thing on his own time. So, if it happens, it happens, but until then, I do just hope he stays healthy. Stop doing so much stuff and hurting yourself so much.”

One particularly high-risk move that Ospreay executed this year was the Tiger Driver ’91, which he dropped Kenny Omega with at Forbidden Door 2. The move saw Ospreay drop Omega on the back of his head with a modified double underhook powerbomb. I asked Ricochet if he would be willing to take the move, considering how dangerous it is.

“Not for me, brother,” he shot back. “That’s all them. That’s all him. Someone drops me like that, we fighting.”

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