Kevin Nash Lays Into CM Punk And His ‘Pipe Job’ Promos

At the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble, “Big Daddy Cool” Diesel wrestled his first match since 1996 when he left WWE to jump to WCW. A few months later, at SummerSlam, Diesel was no more, and Kevin Nash was officially back in the WWE mix, making his presence felt in the main event of the show. The marquee match that year saw CM Punk successfully defend his Undisputed WWE Championship against John Cena, with special guest referee Triple H. Following the match, Nash hit the ring, attacking Punk and setting up Alberto Del Rio to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase.

On his Kliq This podcast, Nash reacted to speculation that his former WWE nemesis, Punk, may be headed back to WWE now that he is no longer with AEW.

“Please do motherf-cker because I’ll ask Paul to put me in that b-tch,” he laughed. “I’ll be on the horn tomorrow to see if we can make that happen.”

“Sucker punch me, skinny fat boy,” he continued. “I apologize to Waffle House at this point in my career for actually calling him a short-order Waffle House cook. My bad. F-ck you, Phil. I always like my wrestlers to have birthing hips.”

Nash was not done with his candid comments about the now-terminated AEW star. When pressed about whether he saw value in WWE bringing The Second City Savior back into the fold, the big man did not hold back.

“You know what, man?” he questioned. “Selling that f-cking company for nine billion bucks, boy. What you need on a ship that’s f-cking sailing on f-cking crystal clear water is some f-cking asshole to f-cking stir shit. Go back and watch the promo that f-cking Triple H cuts on him, and he’s sitting in the chair. He says the problem with you is you’re just like me, and he just, it’s f-cking gold.

“Anybody out there, look up the Triple H – CM Punk promo where Punk’s sitting in the chair and Punk with his f-cking; what was that thing he used to give everybody? A pipe job? So, you know, he’s like, ‘Hey, I can give you a pipe job,’ or whatever the f-ck his gimmick was, and then he said, ‘I got a f-cking Pepsi tattoo,’ and Paul says, ‘Yeah, go f-ck yourself,’ and he beat him. So, after ‘Taker beat him after everybody else because everybody just beats the f-cking guy.”

While Nash’s comments seem stiff, at the very least, there’s a chance he was making them in jest, at least if you can believe his closing statement on the matter.

“I got no heat with this guy; I’m just f-cking around,” he noted. “After last week, the f-cking numbers. Let’s just milk this, milk this motherf-cker as long as we can.”

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