Actual Number Of Fans At AEW All In London Confirmed

Last month, All Elite Wrestling held its biggest show in the promotion’s four-year existence: AEW All In at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Much has been made over the fact that AEW was able to sell 81,035 tickets to the event, but new data uncovered by Wrestlenomics reveals the actual number of fans who made their way through the turnstiles. According to official figures, 72,265 fans attended All In.

That number is consistent with the typical drop-off rate of tickets sold vs. actual attendance for AEW, with Wrestlenomics sources citing an 80-90% attendance rate for the number of tickets sold. With 81,035 tickets moved and 72,265 actually attending, that means more than 89% of the tickets sold were actually used. The turnstile count does not include those who watched the show from suites, which would raise the total attendance count a little bit higher.

In terms of attendance, it looks as though All In fell short of WWE WrestleMania 32, which reportedly had 80,709 people in the crowd. Wrestlenomics also cites WWE WrestleMania 3 as one of the highest-attended wrestling shows in history, but it’s not possible to come up with an accurate figure for the 1987 event.

Despite falling short of the all-time attendance record in the end, there’s no denying All In was a massive success for the young promotion. The show was headlined by MJF vs. Adam Cole battling for the AEW World Championship, while the main card was opened up by what seems to be CM Punk’s final match in the promotion, against Samoa Joe. Behind the curtain, things were chaotic before that match, as Punk and Jack Perry got into a physical confrontation that would, in part, lead to Punk’s eventual dismissal. As of now, Perry is still suspended for his involvement in the skirmish.

AEW has announced they’ll return to Wembley Stadium next year for another All In. That means the company has nearly a year to see if they can outdo themselves the next time around.