Darby Allin Reveals Mount Everest Training And Climb Schedule

Earlier this year, AEW star Darby Allin revealed his intention to climb Mount Everest while speaking to TMZ, later revealing that he had begun taking the necessary steps for the journey and it was scheduled to happen in 2024. Allin has again elaborated on his plans to conquer Everest, this time while speaking to BJ and Migs of Seattle’s KISW radio station, giving some insight as to why he’s decided to take the trip.

“If I’m the guinea pig of doing crazy stuff to get more eyes on the company, let me be that guy,” Allin said. “That’s why I said I want to climb Mount Everest. I want to be the first-ever wrestler to climb Mount Everest. I want to be the first wrestler to go to space.”

Allin went on to state that his onscreen character was an accurate representation of who he is in real life, claiming that he would feel perfectly at peace if he died while attempting to climb the world’s largest mountain. The AEW star said the Everest trip is a result of him attempting to “think outside the box” when it comes to helping AEW stand out. From there, Allin expanded on the steps he’s taken toward making his Everest expedition.

“I go to Switzerland in October,” Allin continued. “[I’ll] train there. I go to China in November. I go to New Zealand in February. And then actual Mount Everest is April.”

The AEW star then revealed that he initially wanted to have Everest be the first mountain he ever climbed, but the company he is going on the expedition through required that he train on smaller peaks first. According to Allin, the Everest trip will take two months, taking up April and May of 2024 for the wrestler. As far as documenting the expedition for AEW, Allin said he still isn’t sure, as he doesn’t want to feel as though he has to entertain an audience while focusing on the climb.

Allin has been very active on AEW TV as of late, competing in the recent Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament but eventually losing to Roderick Strong in the semi-finals. Most recently, Allin teamed with Nick Wayne on the most recent AEW Dynamite, with the pair picking up a win over “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard and “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker.